best practices

As with any business, we have instituted best practices in an effort to provide quality services with a focus on safety, well being, and being environmentally conscious.


Pony Poop Policy

Yes. We have a policy for that.

Many therapy horses often make indoor visits. Some use diaper bags and other means of catching waste. However, Amos is completely potty trained. He uses the trailer immediately upon entering when leaving the barn and almost always after leaving a facility. It is also one major reason why we limit indoor visits to one hour before taking a break.

But accidents can happen. After all, animals are, well, animals. To date, we have made hundreds of therapy visits, hundreds of school visits, dozens of television appearances, and hundreds of personal appearances at birthday parties and other special events. 

For just these occasions, we carry a special cleanup kit with us at all times. We can quickly clean the mess and dispose of it in the proper receptacle upon our return to the barn.

We are also environmentally friendly and will not leave behind “pony particles” at an outdoor event.  We clean up a mess and take it with us to dispose of at the barn in the proper manner.

What can we say? We’re just good like that.


Pony Painting

We are happy to provide “Picasso Pony Painting™” a fun activity that allows us to paint directly on the pony. We use nontoxic, washable children’s finger paint, which washes quickly and easily off children, their clothes, and – of course – the pony.

Plus, we are socially responsible. Products are biodegradable and environmentally safe. When washing the pony, we use a nozzle sprayer, which helps minimize water use. We’re all about sustainability and protecting plants, animals, and each other. After all, we’re here to make people smile.