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 We are grateful for our corporate sponsors.

 It is said that “It takes a village”.  We couldn’t agree more.  That is why we are so very grateful to our sponsors for helping us bring Amos to the world.

Amos truly is the “little horse that could.” In addition to personal appearances and media work, Amos volunteers in the community, visiting hospitals and schools, working with charities, and visiting schools as a volunteer equine with his local police department.  

We are grateful to our sponsors who support and believe in the work Amos does – from his nursing home visits to teaching the “ABC’s of Bullying Prevention” with the Harlem Globetrotters  – to his volunteering with the St. Petersburg Police Department helping to teach his “Just Say Whoa ™” program and visiting with special needs kids. Amos is the little horse that could – and does!

Thank you to our sponsors for their continued support. When considering services that our sponors offer, please visit their websites. 


Thank you to our friends at Brook Ledge Horse Transportation. These amazing people love and care for your horse as if it were their own. They’ve transported Kentucky Derby winners, famous race horses and hunter/jumpers – and our little Amos.  We are grateful for their support of Amos’ work and their help to get us where he needs to go.


Official Transporter

Offical Transporter Sponsor



 Thank you to our friends at Davis Manufacturing for providing Amos with his special “shoes”.  These boots allow Amos to safely and confidently walk inside buildings, hospitals, and schools.



Thank you to PetJoy, provider of canine and equine therapy vests and other quality pet products.  We are pleased that Amos is a brand ambassador for PetJoy and proudly wears the equine vests to all his therapy visits.



Thank you to KeriCure for working with us. Champion Seal™ brings cutting edge wound care technology  to the equine market in an easy to use spray. Helps speed the natural healing process after cuts, bites, scrapes, saddle burns, lesions, abrasions, burns and sores.



Thank you to Maaco for repainting Amos’ “mini” trailer that he uses for local transportation.

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We are pleased to work with Kamila’s Photography. Kamila’s beautiful work can be seen on her website and Facebook page. From babies and weddings to family photos and children with ponies, Kamila’s Photography is spectacular.




Thank you to FeelinFine Equine Theraplate. Theraplate therapy provides many benefits for horses. In fact, equine and human athletes use this to help increase circulation which helps in many areas. With Amos being the basketball phenom that he is, we’re pleased to be able to use this service.

feelinFine Equine


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We are proud to work with RES Equestrian. From beginners to more advanced riders, RES Equestrian provides a nurturing, fun, and safe riding environment for people of all ages. Lessons, leasing, training, and consulting services are available.