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Amos’ mad skills have taken him to the courts with the world famous Harlem Globetrotters who have also made him an honorary goodwill ambassador for his volunteer work.

He has appeared on the Today Show where he won “Quest for the Best Pet Trick in America” for his outstanding basketball skills. He’s also been featured on Fox and Friends, Right This MInute, AOL, MSNBC, Daytime, and many local affiliates. 

Amos has also been featured on websites around the world and in newspapers and magazines, including National Geographic Kids, as well as one of their recently published books, “125 Amazing Animal Stories”.

 Amos is available for print and commercial work. For more information, please contact us at (727) 490-8686.

Please visit our Videos & Links page to see Amos’ appearance on the Today Show or to watch short videos of Amos painting, playing games, and of course, shooting hoops.


Name: Amos the Wonder Horse           Age/Breed: 13 year-old miniature horse

Height: 38″ tall                                         Weight: 250 lbs.IMG_7654

Color: Palomino Paint (Golden brown with white markings, four white stockings, and blond mane and tail)

Skills: Basketball, bean bag toss, xylophone, bells, ring toss, fetch, hug, kiss, shake hands, puzzle, rides, pulls carriage, paints