picasso pony painting ™

Everyone’s favorite activity – Picasso Pony Painting ™! 

pony painting

Picasso Pony Painting ™  is a unique, fun, paint-on-the-pony experience. We call it Picasso Pony Painting ™  because every child has the opportunity to be an artist and create their own masterpiece on the most interesting canvas. Amos the Wonder Horse! 

Children of all ages enjoy this activity. Little ones, who might otherwise be shy and afraid of riding, are always the first to start painting. Older kids love it, too! In fact, adults have also joined the pony painting fun!Picasso Pony Painting

We bring all the supplies, including brushes and other craft supplies. The paint we use is nontoxic and washable. It’s safe for both children and Amos. It easily rinses off hands, clothes – and pony! Let’s mix some colors and make fun, new colors. Add a little bit of fairy dust and we make magic.

Does Amos like it? He sure does. In fact, his volunteer work as a therapy pony makes him the perfect little equine for Picasso Pony Painting.  And he loves his job. He enjoys it so much you may even catch him closing his eyes!

Call us today to schedule your Picasso Pony Painting ™ activity. Just have your children bring their creativity and their imagination and together we will make Amos a horse of a different color!