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gettyimageAmos has been featured on such shows as Right This Minute, Fox and Friends, Sabado Gigante, Daytime, and more. He has appeared on the Today Show in New York City where he won “Quest for the Best Pet Trick in America” for his basketball skillsAmos the Wonder Horse in the News.

Amos has also been featured on local affiliates and on websites and newspapers across the country such as the Palm Beach Post, the Tampa Bay Times, the Sun Sentinel and the Miami Herald.

Lifestyle and equine magazines such as  Boca Delray Life, Equine Journal, and Horse Connection, have also featured Amos.  In addition,he has appeared in National Geographic Kids, as well as one of their recently published books, “125 Amazing Animal Stories” (2014). 



Amos on the Today Show

(see video at marks 2:30 and 6:17)



Every Day is the Best Day – Amos’ Adventures 




Amos Video Audition for Talent and Ad Agencies






Body Shots for Talent and Ad Agencies