weather, deposits, cancellation policies, safety rules

Deposit and Cancellations

We require a 50% deposit for each event. The balance is due upon our arrival.   Should you need to cancel your party or event, you must contact us at least 24 hours before your event in order to receive a refund. We are happy to work with you to reschedule your event.


Here in Florida, we all know how quickly weather conditions can change. If it looks like bad weather may be an issue, we will contact you to discuss our options including delaying our arrival, rescheduling, or canceling the event.

If you think that inclement weather is going to be a problem, then we can reschedule your event for another day that is available or cancel your event and refund your deposit.   If you must cancel your party for any reason other than weather, we are unable to refund your deposit. Should you need to reschedule, we will be happy to work with you to find another date.

Please note: If there is lightning or the threat of lightning, we are unable to set up and begin our activities until the threat has passed. However, we will make every effort to get set up as soon as possible.

safety rules

We are pleased to state that we carry an insurance policy for our business. Be sure you inquire about insurance when looking for a pony for your event. Most pony businesses use Florida statute 773.01 – 773.06 to protect themselves but that is not enough for you. 

If you would like us to provide you with a copy of our insurance policy, please let us know. Additional insured can be added at your expense. The price does vary. We will provide you with the paperwork from the insurance company so that you can see the exact price for this additional service.

We’re parents, too, and nothing is more important than the safety of our child – and yours. With 30 years of equine experience, we are here to provide your children with a fun and safe experience. We check our equipment before leaving the farm and all of our handlers are trained in equine safety.

But like everyone, we have a few rules:


heartWe ask that you please keep your dogs and other animals in the house.                 

heart      Please do not stand or walk behind the pony. Horses have “blind spots.”  This means they cannot see directly in front of or behind them and things can “pop” into their line of vision and startle them.

heart      Please don’t feed the pony. (Not that he wouldn’t want to have a piece of birthday cake or some of grandma’s apple pie!) Horses have good eyesight, but we wouldn’t want them to mistake little fingers for carrots or other tasty treats. We make sure that Amos receives lots of love and treats when he gets back to the farm.

heart      While under saddle, the pony is conditioned to walk. Even if your child has previous riding experience, we only permit walking at the parties. 
No food or drink while riding. This assures that your little ones can hold on securely and not be distracted.

heart      Please do not allow children to run or yell. We know that everyone is excited that Amos the Wonder Horse is at the party, and we’re happy to be there, too. We just want to ensure that everyone is safe and has a good time. Screaming and running can alarm horses. However, we definitely encourage smiling and laughing – as much as you like!

heart      Please keep balloons and bags away. These sudden sounds can startle Amos.

heart      A side walker must walk beside the pony while a child is riding. If parents are there, this is a wonderful opportunity to do something unique and fun with your child and can help put a child at ease.

heart      No child under the age of three is permitted to ride.

heart     Children must wear protective helmets when riding.
heart      Pony rides are hand guided and led by an experienced handler. We respectfully request that guests follow the handler’s instructions carefully.
heart      Closed shoes must be worn around the pony at all times. No flip flops, sandals, or open-toed shoes are allowed.
heart      The weight limit for riding the ponies is 70 pounds.
heart      Only one rider at a time is allowed.